Snippet #8

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   Fernando Torres and Kyo Ryukuken along with Doctor Lin removed Lorna Darius’ body from the shuttle. Lin after looking through the blood splattered visor, without any hesitation cited the cause of death as ‘Pneumatic Loss Trauma’ which was a polite and gentler way of saying Darius died when her head exploded and all the soft tissue flowed and then froze around her eyes, ears and mouth. Ryukuken walked with the doctor to the medical labs to retrieve and then examine the clamping collar on the base of the helmet. The area of the collar that was damaged was very easily identified by the icy crimson knot of frozen blood just below the faceplate. Torres walked over to the shuttle after the two women left the hanger area. He looked at the airlock of the shuttle and quickly found an area that was corroded by what looked like acid. He thought whoever did this knew how long the acid would take to break the seal on the door and knew that the leak would not lead to an explosive decompression event, which would have resulted in killing everyone on board. Whoever did this likely had a particular targeted victim, and it seemed that if Lorna Darius was the intended target, then the murderer was successful. However it seemed that the murderer did not care that it was obvious, as whoever this bastard was, they no effort to hide any of the evidence.



Snippet #7

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   Victor Tscheneko paced about the bridge of the Deimos, for the last 20 hours he had not seen or detected any movement upon the surface other than four crawlers, all of which had been identified and two shuttles leaving Mars base, one flying to the vent complex and the second one entering orbit to repair two of the damaged satellites. There was no sign of Gelokova or D’Au or of their shuttle. Since they had left Nikki, they could be anywhere on the planet. His ship’s sensors could pick up the heat signature of a man standing on the surface from twenty thousand kilometres, and he had nothing.

   Khris Rogers on the Piazza was orbiting on the other side of the planet from the Deimos and he had detected nothing either. He thought to himself that the missing craft could not have crashed because some sensors on one of the ship would have picked up the explosion or at the very least the tell-tale signature of the heat and vapour from the crash. The only plausible explanation he could think of was that they had landed and parked in a deep crevice or canyon and were under an overhanging rock, and on Mars that could be one of a few million places.


Snippet #6

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   Kell Rivers and Alma were out of the base complex, standing in their off-the-books agricultural dome, looking at the first growth of tobacco shoots. “Damn it all, this looks good, from what I hear about the newbies, many are smokers and any product they brought with them is just about gone. We will be rich, too bad money means nothing here.”

   “Yeah, the rigors of space does that to people. Smoking for either good or bad, seems to be much more of an Earth based vice than alcohol or drugs. It is like a primal need of recreating the sense of sitting around the cooking fire eating mastodon meat with a lung full of smoke. Back on Luna it seemed almost everyone there was a smoker, and it really caused a strain of the recycling systems. But, all of that aside, with this crop here and the people we have, well anything we want we will be able to get. The official stockpiles of products are running low too. I was asked to increase the yield for tobacco by Winters, of course we will, but not as little as anyone thinks. We will control the lions share and we shall be as kings”.

   “So what do you think about the motivational tools that the old lady wants to employ to soothe the discontent that may or may not be happening here?”

   “Oh, there is plenty of discontent here, and I think it will be needed. It is a good idea and I for one don’t want some Earther blowing up an air lock with me in it. It may make people toe the line and accept being here and the problems here, but if it causes stress, well hell that is nothing a fine smoke won’t help.”

   “Exactly, and with just what we have now, about only half a dozen of us knowing about it, that will make for plenty of a market for us, there are no newcomers involved yet, but I think we can trust the couple of Captains to keep a secret?”

   “Exactly, care for a smoke before we head back?

Snippet #5

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   Denton remained in the short-range shuttle as Winters walked over to the grave markers. She stood at the base of the outer “V”, looking at the name; Captain Ivan Pyrat. She knew that name, it was venerated, as if he was a holy man back when she studied at the Company’s flight facility. She studied all his writings and knew almost every detail of his life. How he had through sheer power of will beat out the out candidates for the captaincy of Vulcan-1. She memorized every transmission and log entry from the flight out, she felt as if she could see his ideas and ideals as both, the mission commander of the journey out to Mars and what he would have done as the first Commander of the first settlement on Mars. That job, which was and should have been his twenty-one years ago was now hers. She imagined him standing beside her now, as she had always felt that he had been over looking her shoulder on every command decision she made. She ran her hand over the lettering, and stood looking at it a few moments longer. Walking up to all the markers reading their names and in some way in the back of her mind she found herself not asking them not for guidance or help, but more for forgiveness for bringing so many people out here. She asked for forgiveness for breaking their solitude and for playing her part in changing Mars, their Mars forever.


   When she walked over to the marker for Catherine Denton, she felt that she could feel Denton looking at her from the cab of the shuttle. She felt that maybe, he felt she was violating this sacred area. She turned around to look at the shuttle, its landing and exterior lights were off and the cab lights showed Denton leaning forward, his elbows upon the control panel, his gloved hand clasped in front of his helmet. It looked to her like he was praying, and not looking at her. She walked around looking at each of the markers again, and then headed to back to the shuttle. After entering and sitting in the chair beside Denton for a few minutes in silence, he spoke up, “Well?”

   “They want me to do it, they are okay with it.”

Snippet #4

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   Viktor Tscheneko, sat back in the command chair on the bridge of the Deimos, he was thinking over what he had just heard from Mars. Things would be chaotic and sheer madness on Mars for months and perhaps for years to come. That would make for an easy task of enlisting people for his private little enterprises. The newcomers were accustomed to clean hygienic conditions. Sterile conditions on Luna and the ARC would soon be a distant memory for most of them. And those who were from Earth would find the conditions of living underground intolerable; the four percent suicide and accident rate Winters projected was likely going to be a very low estimate he thought. The Deimos, unlike most of the exodus fleet was more than just a new ship, it was clean and state or the art. Most of those from Earth and off-Earth locations would feel right at home here. It looked and felt like the environments of the Moon bases, the Deimos was massive and had been built to carry many more people than it currently held. Yes, he thought, I have been out here for what seems like an eternity, if I give a year or two more to help out Winters and stay around until everyone knows or has the impression that this Mars thing is a success, I will be able to find those I need and then embark on setting the record straight and paying off a peck of debts and collecting on a bushel basket or two more.

Snippet #3

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   Allyson Grey returned to the bridge where she had been spending every waking moment for the last week, even when her first officer was on duty she was either in the big chair or hovering over someone’s shoulder watching every dial and display with a concentrated stare. Since the incident with Hiro Sotahara, she had felt the need to oversee everyone on the deck, not because she felt that there was another saboteur on board, it just made her feel more secure.

Snippet #2

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   “A husk is a cloned body created from either DNA material of the original host or another body. These other bodies can be ones acquired by one method or another. I will leave the speculation up to you. The third choice is the body of a LGEP child who upon losing their gifted ability either volunteer their body or it is volunteered for them.

   As for the project known as TALON, I know nothing, other that it was the brainchild of Cali Dankeli and it involves and requires positive results of both the INDRA and HYRDA projects.”

   “Is that all?” questioned Winters.

   “Well, as you know I am sure, the HYDRA spheres are numerous. They number in the hundreds, likely the high hundreds, and the stock, for lack of a better word, of husks in many times that. One hypothesis is that one mind could be downloaded into a number of bodies, and then after years of varied experiences then selected memories could be recombined into one being. Creating a super genius, someone gifted in multiple fields of study. Another idea is that multiple beings can communicate instinctively and given enough husks one could create an army that shares a single mind and single purpose. Or perhaps it could all be for something much more sinister.”