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the peak, has been reached

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2010 by stevenrmorrison

Okay, things are picking up in the book, “the poop has hit the prop”.

 After 140 pages, or 46,000+ words or 263 kb. ..It is about time!  🙂


back in the saddle

Posted in Prophet of Mars on May 28, 2010 by stevenrmorrison

I am back writing as of last night, seemed being away from the story (the computer) last weekend put me out of the mood to write. At least I did edit the first 160 pages of the book while at the festival.

Plunking away last night I developed a new twist. Iwas just writing out the morning routines of a number of main characters and one of them ‘snappped’. Which will speed up the piviotal point in the book. It was going to be a month of two away, now like life, things do not go according to plan and the current rush job underway in the plot is about to become critical. 

I thank the “Lord of Technology” for eliminating typewriters and ribbon cartridges.

writing places

Posted in Personal, Prophet of Mars on May 25, 2010 by stevenrmorrison

Nights, I usually write at the dining room table, it just feels right. During the day in the upstairs office or if nice on the porch on the front of the house. Today it was too hot to write, it was 36 on the porch and too cool upstairs with the a/c cranked. So nothing so far today, but I have 41 minutes left to get something on paper (okay, not paper, little black dots on a white screen)

So far…so very good

Posted in Personal, Prophet of Mars on May 25, 2010 by stevenrmorrison

Okay, was off at a festival this past weekend, lovely long weekend, lovely long weekend with amazing weather for midsummer, let alone May. Edited, checked all the tenses and verbs in what is pretty much the first half of the book. Have 165 pages done.

I met a person there who wrote in a similar style, ‘free-thought’, allowing the ideas to flow and see where that takes you in the grand plan of things. She found it was a better way to have the characters and plot develop. Rather than constructing the individuals with a set, set of values and reactions. Because real people are not like that, so if you want characters that seem really you need them to develop freely.

I need to learn a bit more about recombinant DNA and custom structured genomes.

new teaser

Posted in Prophet of Mars on May 20, 2010 by stevenrmorrison

A new teaser or two over in the addition page area to the right —->

so far so good… so far

Posted in Prophet of Mars on May 20, 2010 by stevenrmorrison

Well, today was a kick @ss day, just under 5500 words (yippee). If you are a stickler for details: 5495. Had to kill off another character (guy) , introduce another (gal), managed to tie a few things together. Like, what is in the two containers on the bow of the CSV Tholen, what is in one of the cargo containers on the stern. Give more details of the CSV Bode incident. Get inside the head of Kingman D’Au, Describe the causes of the religious frenzy sweeping Earth, and make known to the reader the full extent of the exodus. As well as describing how the God-gene works.

Gee, this likely makes no sense at all…..

Week May 17 – 24

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Okay, I am going on record here saying I am going for at least 17,000 words this week. I would love to do 20,000+. We will see. What I am worried that if I take a day off I will lose interest…. oh look… there goes a butterfly… What was I talking about?  

Okay midnight on the 23rd, at least 17,000 more words.