Cover Art

The First Gathering

What if you had a chance to create your god?


3 Responses to “Cover Art”

  1. Cheryl Simmons Says:

    Love the cover!!!
    I would definately pick up this book and have a look at it if I saw it in a book store.

  2. SireneB Says:

    Yep, I like the blue, as well as invoking water vapor it gives a better feel for the depth of space than a warm color would.

  3. This cover has a blue screen overlay. In the original the space ‘spaces’ were black, I think the blue adds an element of depth to it. I also did up and have the same design with: an orange, a purple, a red and a yellow screen. The blue is the best as it incorporates the idea of water vapour in the Martian atmosphere. IMHO

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