Background and foreground

I just did a name/page graph to keep things in my mind a bit simpler. As it is I have 36 named characters who show up on at least 3 pages (so far). One major flash back about 12 years in time. which set the details of the present time line. 6 characters are in both the past and present, likely more to show up later in both timelines. There are two generational links, Julian is father to Marc and Vivian, and Thomas is Allyson’s father. By page 48 I had killed off two characters, actually one in only alive in the flashback portions. There are 6 locations used (5 present and 1 in the past) will likely need 4 more (two in the past and two in the present).

The flashback was not planned, I spontenously created a new character, and thought… who is he, and what is he going to do? He was standing alone, in a position of power, and he began to think of how he got to where he was… volia! Flashback and a chance to flesh out some characters and the storyline. It is fun to write and providing a number of interesting plot/character developments, twists and flaws.

Actually none of the book is planned, I am writing it free form, making it up as I go along. It may be more dangerous that way, but when a choice has to be made, I ‘pick an option’ and then have to applying and live by that choice. Because I think it adds an element of realism. I could plot everything out ahead of time and make everything fit but, then things may work to well and it could or look a bit “pollyanna”. I didn’t plan to turn on character into an alcoholic, but it just happened… well kiddies that is life.

I have a general idea where this book will end, but, again like life, I am not sure how to get there. The characters are developing a life of their own, so their actions will help me get there.


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