so far so good… so far

Well, today was a kick @ss day, just under 5500 words (yippee). If you are a stickler for details: 5495. Had to kill off another character (guy) , introduce another (gal), managed to tie a few things together. Like, what is in the two containers on the bow of the CSV Tholen, what is in one of the cargo containers on the stern. Give more details of the CSV Bode incident. Get inside the head of Kingman D’Au, Describe the causes of the religious frenzy sweeping Earth, and make known to the reader the full extent of the exodus. As well as describing how the God-gene works.

Gee, this likely makes no sense at all…..


One Response to “so far so good… so far”

  1. Some how you were placed on my site by wordpress as a related blog…hmm, well you are interesting so I am glad it happened!
    tilly from Lost Creek

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