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back @ it

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Back from a near death experience and need to get writing….. Hmmm legacy?



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The book, the first in a series of 3 or 4 is set in the near future. Mankind has established colonies on the Moon, and a number of interconnected colonies circling the Earth. There is a private corporation base on Mars, and that is where most of the action takes place. There are 4 or 5 main characters and a supporting cast of 30 or more. 

The books will have a main theme deal with the concept of creating a God. On Earth many people see the biosphere as a living entity Gaia. So what happens when you create a biosphere on a ‘dead’ planet? When you create a Gaia-like godhead?

This first book deals with a space syndrome called L-GEP, Low Gravity Environment Pyschosis, with is basically, what if, the development process of infants and young children did not stop? How would an adult dealing with a logical “adult” thought process react if they where still on the learning curve of an infant. The wonder, the awe, and experiencing new stimuli and “seeing” beyond the concrete world. By the time we are 5 or 6 we become ‘hardwired’ and we deal with that established hard wiring for rest of our life. So L-GEP allows low-gravity born children to rewire themselves at will.

There are the regular conflicts, relationships  sub-plots, however to prior to the start of timeline, Politics on Earth has moved towards the fundemental right and has pretty much restricted space habitation, actually encouraging Gay, Lesbian and sterilized hetrosexuals, in an effort to halt the ‘mutation’ of humankind into some ungodly and un-natural travesty.

But of course… like Elton John says in the song ‘Rocketman’:

“Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids
In fact it’s cold as hell
And there’s no one there to raise them if you did


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Will see a number of you people at the CAN-CON 2010 in Ottawa Aug 20-22 this year

right now, write now

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OMG, I have been bad. I have been a slacker, and a couch potato. I can’t blame the World Cup (GO PARAGUAY). I haven’t written anything for a almost a week. I would slap my fingers, but then I may not be able to type for a while longer.

Back at the grind


last week

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It was busy last week, we ran around like madmen, (madpeople?).  Monday was Dad’s 81st birthday. Tuesday, 2 trips to the dentist, Wednesday looked at a piece of land with an agent, headed into Ottawa (me) for a moot, and (Dar) to see friend. Thursday bought the 50 acresof  land and headed off to Montreal. Friday visited a number places we had not for a long time, went to a water park, visited some friends. Saturday, we slept in, later I started a new painting and today is just too damned hot to do anything, I did mow the lawn. Tomorrow off to Kingston (Doctor), and this Thursday back into Ottawa (Doctor).

time and punishment

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Spent much of the last 48 hours looking at, sending email to, and fretting upon the issue of; publishers.

Sure Kindle is wonderful and cheap and free, but “damn it Jim”, I like the feel of a book. I love the smell of books in the morning…. So much to be done. Killed off another character today, that is six dead, five in the story and one who died prior to the timeline, but is a major player.

teaser 4

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“No, it was a fossil collection of primitive coral like structures and even some Eukaryotic cell organisms, you know simple multi-celled creatures and later period Ediacaran organisms. We found larger layers of these soft-bodied things all over.”

“You’re saying Venus evolved up to a period that was the equivalent of the late Precambrian on Earth?”

“Yeah, give or take a couple of hundred million years. I figure it was even more evolved, just based on a gut-feeling. It wasn’t like I was being watched by ghosts or anything, but other than the  extreme heat, the unbelievable pressure, the sulfuric rain and desolation, it just felt creepy.”

 Septien, couldn’t see through Aarlen’s visor, to see the man’s eyes, but he could tell by his voice that he was not lying. Aarlen had no reason to lie, he told the truth, but not the whole truth, but a truth. Sometimes a little knowlegde may be a dangerous thing, and a lot of knowlegde could get you killed. Aarlen liked Septien, and did not want to have to kill him.