teaser 4

“No, it was a fossil collection of primitive coral like structures and even some Eukaryotic cell organisms, you know simple multi-celled creatures and later period Ediacaran organisms. We found larger layers of these soft-bodied things all over.”

“You’re saying Venus evolved up to a period that was the equivalent of the late Precambrian on Earth?”

“Yeah, give or take a couple of hundred million years. I figure it was even more evolved, just based on a gut-feeling. It wasn’t like I was being watched by ghosts or anything, but other than the  extreme heat, the unbelievable pressure, the sulfuric rain and desolation, it just felt creepy.”

 Septien, couldn’t see through Aarlen’s visor, to see the man’s eyes, but he could tell by his voice that he was not lying. Aarlen had no reason to lie, he told the truth, but not the whole truth, but a truth. Sometimes a little knowlegde may be a dangerous thing, and a lot of knowlegde could get you killed. Aarlen liked Septien, and did not want to have to kill him.


One Response to “teaser 4”

  1. Beverlee Orr-Shadbolt Says:

    Ooooh. Lovin’ it. Look forward to more. (sweet cover, too)

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