background INFO

So far…

CHARACTERS and Major things

40 characters speaking named, 2 unnamed speakers, 20 Named Ships


10 ships are locations, 1 static space location, 12 ground locations = 23 total locations


Arab (1); Belgian (1); Chinese (1); English – US, UK, Can, Aus (14); French (3); German (1); Greek (1); Indian (1); Indonesian (1); Iranian (1); Laotian (1); Japanese (1); Native American (2); Nigerian (1); Russian (1); Spanish (1); Sri Lankan (1); Swiss (1); Thai (1); Born Off-world (5)


One Response to “background INFO”

  1. Added another ship, 3 more minor characters and added a new important person, had to go through and back-fill their involvement and background
    Name: Viktor Tscheneko, came to me in a dream (?)

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