A Few Characters

Roselyn St. Croix: An athletic young spiritual woman living in a hostile environment, on an unforgiving planet. Trying to balance her job, her lovers and her yet unknown to her destiny. Fighting the demons of her past with a hope for a new start armed only with her newfound faith.

Jason DiCadimain: Adventurer, rogue and a lover of too many women. A wild card without a plan for himself or his future in an unforgiving world.

Karin Winters: Commander of humanity’s first outpost on Mars. A hard drinking pragmatist, with a heart of gold and a dark secret that could ruin her life and the lives of those around her.

Roy Ellards: Cynical and hardened medical doctor, biochemist and a man with more secrets and guilt than anyone should have to bear. A man with the power to play God and the will to do it.

Allyson Grey: Captain of the CSV Tholen, a deep space asteroid mining ship and a survivor of a great space disaster and one of the greatest cover-up in human history. Fighting to free herself of her father’s shadow and trying to live up to his hero status.

Haranda Sandhu: Electronic genius and intelligence operative, captaining the ship CSV Piazza. The youngest member of a global cabal that has embarked of a journey to change the course of human evolution.

Ta’Fan Lawyta: The elder corporate giant with more money and power than most nations and the driving force behind three secret projects: INDRA, HYDRA and TALON. The single-minded idealist.

Martin Lar: Corporate leader and head of the largest medical conglomerate on Earth. A man on a mission with an attitude of “what are a few dozen more lives if it results in reaching goals quicker.”

Viktor Tscheneko: A giant of a man, with an ego and a burning vengeance to match. The captain of the ship the MDF Deimos, the most deadly weapon ever designed.

Matinne Gou: Psychologist and sociologist, controlling the lives and minds of the next generation of leadership. Personally responsible for the next giant leap in evolution


One Response to “A Few Characters”

  1. Mark Di Cadimain Says:

    Love the character outlines. Especialy Jason Dicadimain. Plenty of guys in my family over the past two centuries would fall into that description all too well lol

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