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Okay so motivation

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Okay, so I am figuring out the motivation thing, but how do I stop?

I am (if formated to standard paperback size) up to 360 pages. So I am figuring, wrap things up rapidly (goal 425). Get someone to proofread it and do some editing on it. Pop it out on Kindle and other e-book sites for a low end price. Then write up a passel of 100-150 page novellas.




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Motivation: The definition of motivation is to give reason, incentive, enthusiasm, or interest that causes a specific action or certain behavior.

In theory it is a great idea, however in the practical world… it is as elusive as trying to catch the wind in a net. Or maybe it is the time of year or my seemingly unending apathy towards most things.

Remember, in the future everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes

Post-Christmas rant

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So Christmas is over, and nothing happened.  Family what a concept, in theory it should work, but in life… umm no.

We saw my parents a few days before Christmas, I was off to the in-laws on the 25th, so I phoned them Christmas Day got an answering machine. Left a message on the 25th, thought they would have called back by now, it is noon on the 28th. I will cut them a bit of slack they are 81 and 76, but yet it is not even a long distance call.

My older sister drove up more than 300 km to visit them, they live less than 30km away from me. But one would think I would warrant a call from her. She is up here visiting our folks, her ‘father in-law’ and my other sister. To travel from one place to another she has to drive by my town, two or three times. Visit? No. Phone call? No. Self-absorbed, myopic and thoughtless. Damned straight.

Got invited to a New Years Day party, a farewell party for a guy who is relocating next week, his family will be following him in the summer. This couple are 2 of a grand total of 6 friends who have visited us over the last 2 and a half years. So we will be losing some of the only people who think we are ‘worth’ visiting. We will miss these ‘good’ people.

They say Christmas is a time for family and loved ones… well screw what they say. On a related note, the house is still for sale, and yes I know that winter is not a good time to sell and it is the ‘festive’ season, but since we listed and we are about half way through the term contract, we have had ZERO showings, ZERO interest. Our agent had a float in the local Santa Claus parade, she threw us some candy, but, maybe I am just old fashioned but I thought a holiday card would have been in order. We bought a new vehicle in 2010 and I thought maybe a dealership generic card. Nope on both accounts. Not even a card from a dentist of health care professional saying, “Good Wishes, and come in for a dental check-up. A few years ago, maybe 4 or 5, the agent we bought a house from invited us to her house for a Christmas party. That was a better time for real estate, so one would think that in leaner times agents would be working harder to keep listings. We have some interest in the piece of land we are selling as a private sale for this week. We have had a number of inquiries on it. Dar is great at promoting such things. We had, had plenty of interest in the house when listed as a private sale.

Had  few gigs working the Christmas party circuit, so that was good. Thank you, Elliott. Thank you, Brian.Got some cards from some old friends, actually Dar got the cards, I was included because of the ‘couple thing’. No cards directed directly at me.

We should move to somewhere like Arizona and not leave a forwarding address. The hell with 99% of the people on the planet.

Overall, Merry frackin’ belated Ho-Ho and how bad can 2011 be? I dread to ponder that.