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Chapter 56

Posted in Prophet of Mars on February 16, 2011 by stevenrmorrison

Well Commander Karin Winters, Chief Hydrologist Roselyn St. Croix and Dr. Roy Ellards have just had a long talk. It wrapped up a minor plot line or four*. Distanced a few characters from the story line for the time being **. Explained a few things by answering a few questions (5 or 9) and helped develop a stronger back story***

* Each can freely and without much ado stand alone as a continuing novella

** Each one can carry on a develop into major characters in their own strories

*** Nothing like a bit of a retrospective novella or set of short stories to further fill this out.


I have been absent

Posted in Personal, Prophet of Mars on February 14, 2011 by stevenrmorrison

Sorry about not being around much lately, health, work and home renovations have been cutting into my writing, blogging, on-line and recreational time.

I promise I will be here with book/writing updates soon, much sooner.