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sorry about my not posting much

Posted in Personal, Uncategorized on March 17, 2011 by stevenrmorrison

Life since New Year’s has been pretty much hell.

Operation in mid Jan, was okay but I was idle for about a week afterwards, then Valentine’s Day. Ooops, Saint Valentine’s Day. Started feeling bad, then worse and finally a week or two later abysmal. Last 31 days I have been to hospital maybe 5 times, been to doctors (various specialties) four or five times. A couple of CAT/CT scans and a big handful of X-Rays. Lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. Can’t eat any food that could be related to my weight loss  :). In bed maybe 18-20 hours a day. Currently trying a diet of only yellow and orange foods. Had to miss 3 work gigs over Lent, yes a big call for psychics during lent in this part of the world. First gigs I have ever missed in 15 years of doing this stuff. So I must be really broken or at least really bent.



short teaser, big on plot

Posted in Prophet of Mars on March 17, 2011 by stevenrmorrison

“Right Doctor, so we have a massive effort by RCI to find and quantify a material which may be the secret of life in the Universe. Then they send a manned mission to colonize Mars as a cover to build a secret base on a moon travelling around Mars. All of this while trying to find a way of creating immortal beings by transferring their minds into artificially created perfect human bodies. These new supermen will be living on a liveable Mars. Which owes its atmosphere to the same material that may have created life on Earth. Thanks to a product manufactured in a hollowed out asteroid, where extremely mentally enhanced human children now live?”

“Yes, that is our worlds, and pretty much in a goddamn nutshell.”