sorry about my not posting much

Life since New Year’s has been pretty much hell.

Operation in mid Jan, was okay but I was idle for about a week afterwards, then Valentine’s Day. Ooops, Saint Valentine’s Day. Started feeling bad, then worse and finally a week or two later abysmal. Last 31 days I have been to hospital maybe 5 times, been to doctors (various specialties) four or five times. A couple of CAT/CT scans and a big handful of X-Rays. Lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. Can’t eat any food that could be related to my weight loss  :). In bed maybe 18-20 hours a day. Currently trying a diet of only yellow and orange foods. Had to miss 3 work gigs over Lent, yes a big call for psychics during lent in this part of the world. First gigs I have ever missed in 15 years of doing this stuff. So I must be really broken or at least really bent.



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