nearing the finish line

As a day after my birthday gift to myself, I started the last chapter and a half.

That is not to say I am up to that point yet. I have to join the existing text and the end together. Put in tons of backfill material and edit the whole damn thing. It started out as a discovery on faith in far off places and questioning the idea of “did god create man in his/her image” or “did man create god in his/her image?”. I addressed that in a few places in the book and quite a bit in the last chapter but not nearly enough in the bulk of the book.¬†Fortunately I did mention and allude to it enough that plopping it in will now be too hard to do. I only had to kill off seven speaking characters and a few hundred others along the way to make my point. Oh, art imitating life. name more than three religions that didn’t have to kill of a bunch of people to make their point.

The earliest date I have for any of the files on this computer is April 29 2010, so it could be a year long project


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