Poorman’s Hilton revisited

Poormans Hilton Revisited
The wind does not blow
in the stillness of night
The scent of your perfume
has long since vanished
The sands
now cover the Poormans Hilton
autumn has turn into winter

Hopes and promises like broken vases
cover the beach like shells
A lifetime of adventures
collapsed into nothing
Love seems as cold as the black between stars
Or the untold pain in my heart

I have seen a million souls on long empty streets
And have heard thundering hooves
on the plains of despair
I have imagined dancing with partners
born of tired dead wombs
And am haunted by your lingering kiss

The sun has set on my personal fortunes
and has bankrupt my soul
Out on the sea with no stars to guide me
I am slowly drifting further away
The pearls have been replaced
by salt diamonds of tears
As broken chairs litter the sand


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