Religion on Mars

“The last century or more may have been the most productive technologically, progressive scientifically and liberating socially time throughout all of the history of mankind, our scientific advances have come with a great number of loses, ethical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. Our progress in the material world has come with a loss of many of spiritual things which throughout history have defined us as cultures, civilizations and as a people. Many aspects of our inner worth and that which was within us; as a creative spark, or the ability to dream and to reason, and the desire and need to understand and to even conceive of a greater spirit or god seems to have been placed aside. In our hardwired, instant world we have lost both our soft touch and our understanding of time and of ourselves. We no longer value what standards were formerly very important to our parents and grandparents, and to all who came before us; the sociological, the psychological, the emotional and even the spiritual qualities that defined humanity.

Which every major step forward in technological advancement, our understanding of the world around us increased, and with each step forward outwardly we seem to have lost some part of what we had within ourselves , and who we were prior to that advancement.

It was as if there was a balance between, what we knew of ourselves’ and, what we knew of the world. It is as if this balance was a finite number and as we explored more of that which was beyond our personal realm the less we understood ourselves’.

If we give that personal understanding and arbitrary value of 100, as a peasant farmer in the time span from the second millennium BCE until the mid 1700’s most of mankind was a strong 100 for personal understanding, clan and family ties and spiritual acceptance of a divine. Their global awareness, cultural sophistication and materialism would have been zero. As industry, science, knowledge and urbanization began to flourish, the value of our understanding of who we were in the Universe began to lessen and we began to lose our understanding of self. At the same time we began to focus on things beyond our control and looking at our place and status in society. So as the “100” value of our personal understanding and our personal spirituality decreased, our perceived value and view of a greater and more complex and abstract world outside of us increased from the “0” level. As society became more complex and made greater demands upon us, the more we lost touch with our inner spiritual being.

The printing press opened minds and eyes to life and ideas beyond our immediate surroundings to new lands with new ideas. Gunpowder, redefined warfare from the method of person to person battles to one of strategic concepts.. Participatory democracy, from the French Revolution onwards made us think beyond the limits of our family and clan, to the dreams of equality, liberty and freedom for all people. We moved beyond the simple village to nations. Our personal spiritual time began to lessen and we began to trouble ourselves with matters beyond our control and matters that were temporal.

This began the decline of our spiritual value down from 100 towards a much lesser number. This, while our concern for abstracts changed equally as rapidly rising from 0. Until the advent of the steam engine and the Industrial Revolution, the overwhelming majority of mankind, lived and died within a day’s walk of their birthplace. Even with the age of expansion and the start of the European colonization of most of the newcomers to any new land died within a short distance of their new home, be they, soldiers, settlers, slaves or traders. The new ideas, ideals and philosophies encountered added a complexity to of everyone.

Steam powered ships shrank the seas and steam powder trains shrank the landmasses and we could leave injustice, prejudice and intolerance behind us. We could create with time and effort, new lands with new idea new hope and limitless potential and promise. At the time of Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Spieces that could mark the moment  Spirituality fell below the three-quarter mark of 75, and the abstract quest for knowledge rose past 25. The journey to losing our way was well under way. It was not that book of science that initiated or was responsible for our fall from a creative personal state of grace, but is serves as a potent milestone.

All of these changes in the world took time, took effort and sacrifice. Every step along the way there were failures and setbacks. Nothing that was achieved was achieved with ease.

Reaching to the stars would be no different, sacrifices would need to be made. Each of you know that there is a sacrifice and that is can be great or minor, or that it maybe affect the group collective or be very personal in nature. Then at the start of the twentieth century, progress began to accelerate, and very soon began to outpace our ability to adapt and understand the two most important aspects of any type of social, economic or political advancement: How does this advancement affect society as a whole, and how does this advancement affect the individual as part of the whole.

In a very short time, four advancements created as separate entities, once working together moved mankind beyond its ability to cope with change we began to accept both science and progress as the epitome of culture, the strength of nation and our destiny as guided by the hand of the Creator. The genie was out of the bottle for good, and we began to lose sight of what and who we were, this with the combined effects of radio, the automobile, flight and industrial warfare production economy.

The Great War, World War One, combined these four technological advancements, and most importantly depersonalized combat, created the need for, and the impressions of a need for a national will, a national unified effort and the rise to the nation as a single entity. The nation, with science, technology and industry could solve all the nations ills and therefore all the world’s ills.

Technology became specialized and thus moved beyond the understanding of the common man. A man could drive a car, listen to a radio, watch a plane, train or ship pass by, without even understanding the most basic elements of how any of these machines worked. At this time perhaps the most crucial single factor in history of society happened and at the same time this we crossed the threshold where we moved in our mind’s eye from man to god. Where we began to lose our understanding of time, space, and faith, we could now kill our enemies efficiently, effectively and without ever having to see them die. The fact that we could kill them in the literately and figurative way, of not getting blood on our hands, we found we did not need to absolve ourselves of our actions and thus lost our innocence.

At this point, the scales had tipped to the abstract and temporal, information was now global and was available in a reasonable amount of time to create the first of the new world orders.

In the latter half of that century, during what is called the atomic age, technology gave us the power not only to change our immediate surroundings but we could change the world. We exponentially created new ways to heal ourselves’ and even ways to kill all life on Earth. We also through technology gained a new vision towards our concept and management of time, in ways our fore-bearers could never have dreamed. It was through the children of the atomic age that ushered in the final act of the demise of freedom the Universal Codex of Truth.

Science fiction became science fact. Dreams became reality and the world, although seeming smaller, granted people a newfound and freedom with which we gained the ability to avoid other people with ease.

We could now cross the oceans in hours not days or even weeks, news from distant lands could be received and processed immediately and these distant lands were no longer seemed as distant. Technology gave us a tangible understanding of the word ‘instant’. We had instant foods, instant banking, instant messaging, instant satisfaction and instant gratification. The world and all it possessed was available at our fingertip within seconds. We had everything and more was available, “we wanted everything and we wanted it now”. This became our personal mantra and technology, obediently gave us everything in an instant. However what  we had lost almost as fast was our understanding of the ideal or concept that “good things come to those who wait”, and our understanding of the more we put into an effort or task the greater the reward. Our concept of the value of things material and our patience to wait for anything at all vanished. NOW!, was not soon enough.

In all the prior generations the amount of time that was put into achieving goals, fulfilling dreams and even into the mundane and necessary tasks of survival gave us fulfilment and a sense of accomplishment and a sense of being. Now we had the belief that everything we saw was accessible, everything we saw we could we could have, and everything we saw we felt we deserved. We became a culture that was if not morally bankrupt then at least we were well on our way to becoming spiritual devoid. The value of the spiritual became zero and the material and temporal reached 100.

Now the books will be wiped clean, there will be no spiritual doubt, if one chooses to follow their calling they may in freedom and in openness. Technology has granted us a new perspective on ourselves and on society. Mars by virtue of being a hostile planet and host to the greatest challenges mankind has ever faced, has returned us to that seventeenth or eighteenth century farmer. We will never stray far from our metaphorical village, we may travel to a Martian moon or an asteroid, but they are within the boundaries of our village. We may control certain aspects of our environment and control the seasons of our harvests, but we need not concern ourselves with anything else, because to loose sight of the immediate it to loose sight of life. However unlike that centuries old farmer we have the technology and the science to look beyond just our ‘village’ or think beyond the next season or the next year. We can see years and generations into the future, we can see what not only may become a reality, we can with assurance know what will come to pass.

Our spiritual value can be reset to that arbitrary value of 100 and it can remain there as we will be in tune and with-one with Mars and our environment. We can be one with our greater inner surroundings and our understanding of our place in the mystic Cosmos. Our social awareness factor, our science factor and awareness of our place in the Universe can at the same time also be at 100. We can have an understanding of our place in the physical Universe. To balance these two opposites we need to create a new system of understanding. We also need to recreate the world of that peasant of so long ago.

We need to create a new god and new awareness of planet. Whereas ancient man created a Gaia myth, a living Goddess who was Mother and protector, to explain their place in the world and among the stars, we can and must create the same sort of mythos as a tool to focus upon. As old Earth mankind, saw mankind created in the image of a god, and as an off-spring of the planet we need to create a new construct. On Mars, we shall create a god in our image and we shall become the parent of a new living planet.


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