Snippet #2


   “A husk is a cloned body created from either DNA material of the original host or another body. These other bodies can be ones acquired by one method or another. I will leave the speculation up to you. The third choice is the body of a LGEP child who upon losing their gifted ability either volunteer their body or it is volunteered for them.

   As for the project known as TALON, I know nothing, other that it was the brainchild of Cali Dankeli and it involves and requires positive results of both the INDRA and HYRDA projects.”

   “Is that all?” questioned Winters.

   “Well, as you know I am sure, the HYDRA spheres are numerous. They number in the hundreds, likely the high hundreds, and the stock, for lack of a better word, of husks in many times that. One hypothesis is that one mind could be downloaded into a number of bodies, and then after years of varied experiences then selected memories could be recombined into one being. Creating a super genius, someone gifted in multiple fields of study. Another idea is that multiple beings can communicate instinctively and given enough husks one could create an army that shares a single mind and single purpose. Or perhaps it could all be for something much more sinister.”


One Response to “Snippet #2”

  1. richard Says:

    love the one mind many bodies concept

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