Snippet #4


   Viktor Tscheneko, sat back in the command chair on the bridge of the Deimos, he was thinking over what he had just heard from Mars. Things would be chaotic and sheer madness on Mars for months and perhaps for years to come. That would make for an easy task of enlisting people for his private little enterprises. The newcomers were accustomed to clean hygienic conditions. Sterile conditions on Luna and the ARC would soon be a distant memory for most of them. And those who were from Earth would find the conditions of living underground intolerable; the four percent suicide and accident rate Winters projected was likely going to be a very low estimate he thought. The Deimos, unlike most of the exodus fleet was more than just a new ship, it was clean and state or the art. Most of those from Earth and off-Earth locations would feel right at home here. It looked and felt like the environments of the Moon bases, the Deimos was massive and had been built to carry many more people than it currently held. Yes, he thought, I have been out here for what seems like an eternity, if I give a year or two more to help out Winters and stay around until everyone knows or has the impression that this Mars thing is a success, I will be able to find those I need and then embark on setting the record straight and paying off a peck of debts and collecting on a bushel basket or two more.


One Response to “Snippet #4”

  1. richard Says:

    love peck of debts and collecting on a bushel

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