Snippet #6


   Kell Rivers and Alma were out of the base complex, standing in their off-the-books agricultural dome, looking at the first growth of tobacco shoots. “Damn it all, this looks good, from what I hear about the newbies, many are smokers and any product they brought with them is just about gone. We will be rich, too bad money means nothing here.”

   “Yeah, the rigors of space does that to people. Smoking for either good or bad, seems to be much more of an Earth based vice than alcohol or drugs. It is like a primal need of recreating the sense of sitting around the cooking fire eating mastodon meat with a lung full of smoke. Back on Luna it seemed almost everyone there was a smoker, and it really caused a strain of the recycling systems. But, all of that aside, with this crop here and the people we have, well anything we want we will be able to get. The official stockpiles of products are running low too. I was asked to increase the yield for tobacco by Winters, of course we will, but not as little as anyone thinks. We will control the lions share and we shall be as kings”.

   “So what do you think about the motivational tools that the old lady wants to employ to soothe the discontent that may or may not be happening here?”

   “Oh, there is plenty of discontent here, and I think it will be needed. It is a good idea and I for one don’t want some Earther blowing up an air lock with me in it. It may make people toe the line and accept being here and the problems here, but if it causes stress, well hell that is nothing a fine smoke won’t help.”

   “Exactly, and with just what we have now, about only half a dozen of us knowing about it, that will make for plenty of a market for us, there are no newcomers involved yet, but I think we can trust the couple of Captains to keep a secret?”

   “Exactly, care for a smoke before we head back?


2 Responses to “Snippet #6”

  1. richard Says:

    haha april 7 i quit smoking. nothing there to allow me to put “motivational tools” into any kind of context. but then , just a snippet

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