Snippet #8


   Fernando Torres and Kyo Ryukuken along with Doctor Lin removed Lorna Darius’ body from the shuttle. Lin after looking through the blood splattered visor, without any hesitation cited the cause of death as ‘Pneumatic Loss Trauma’ which was a polite and gentler way of saying Darius died when her head exploded and all the soft tissue flowed and then froze around her eyes, ears and mouth. Ryukuken walked with the doctor to the medical labs to retrieve and then examine the clamping collar on the base of the helmet. The area of the collar that was damaged was very easily identified by the icy crimson knot of frozen blood just below the faceplate. Torres walked over to the shuttle after the two women left the hanger area. He looked at the airlock of the shuttle and quickly found an area that was corroded by what looked like acid. He thought whoever did this knew how long the acid would take to break the seal on the door and knew that the leak would not lead to an explosive decompression event, which would have resulted in killing everyone on board. Whoever did this likely had a particular targeted victim, and it seemed that if Lorna Darius was the intended target, then the murderer was successful. However it seemed that the murderer did not care that it was obvious, as whoever this bastard was, they no effort to hide any of the evidence.



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    it is great

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