About Me


 I am a mid-fifties writer, I have been using print to express my ideas for 30 years or more. I have mostly been writing poetry, using it as a weapon against social stupidity and the moral apathy that seems to be everywhere. I have been using newspaper editiorials for the same causes and reasons.

 I see it as we have lost our way, and unless someone stands up and says. “hey people this bus has no driver”, as we speed towards a the curve in the mountain road, we are doomed. Who appointed me to point out the errors of our way, you ask? No one, so I assumed the responsibility, and if you want I will even drive the bus. Because we are all in this together. So rather than be a voice lost in the din, I choose to write a record and leave a trace of my existence.

 Okay, I am a tad cynical and I deal in generalizations too often, but in this world of the 30 second sound-bite and 140 character messages, the masses have no time for specifics.  Our attention spans are getting shorter and the greater numbers of the masses choose inaction with no personal responsibilities over doing what is right… and even the masses avoid the discussion of what is right, and that is why they fear those who speak out.

Apathy or TV as Art
You hate art
You hate form
And you fear them
Because you can’t understand them

You hate poets and their words
You hate them and their methods
Because you have lost your will
And because you have cable in your veins

If you don’t like what I say
You can’t turn me off
You can’t change the channel
I am your worst fears personified

You hate me
Because you fear me

I am not a 30 second sound bite

I will burn your memory
I will sear your soul

I have the fire within me
And you have cable in your veins


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. SireneB Says:

    I like this.

    No cable here 🙂

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