Snippet #1

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   Lin, nodded an affirmative towards DiCadimain and took the mug, walking over to the main display terminal which showed her ankle was doing fine, and began to explain the method of how to begin to do the rebuilding of the recovered God-gene samples once on board. Everything seemed simple enough as the machines and computers controlled all the nano sized biodynamics.

   “I will need two or three volunteers to quarantine themselves in here with me, for the duration of the modifications, simply as a precaution, in the event that something goes wrong or blows up. I would like to get at least 40 kilos of material from Amalthea, based on Ellards’ tapes and then using the assumption that we will lose more or less ten-percent in the worst case scenario. However the more we have the better and faster things will go. Oh, what about our malcontent bastard, what is he up too, Captain?”

   “We were just down visiting Mr. Sotahara, and he is not very happy, like any of us really care. Mr. DiCadimain here, and Mr. Katz had built a very good security door for his quarters and they have removed all electronics and items that could be used by Sotahara to harm himself. However I feel that we should just space the bastard and get things over with. But our ad hoc tribunal, decided on confinement until we get back to Mars. So he will just have to stew in what is our own little black hole of Calcutta for the duration”

   “Glad to hear that, Captain, and if I need a human test subject we have one, unfortunately I don’t think I will need one. I don’t take kindly to someone trying to kill me half a billion kilometers from home.”


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finally done third edit…. yawn… 
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Ship List and origins

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List of ships and sources used for names


BODE: (Early Mars)  Johann Elert Bode German astronomer  (1747 – 1826)

INANNA: (Mission to Venus) Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare

VULCAN: (Mars colony ship) Common name for SF spacecraft or spaceships. Roman god of lava and smoke, including the fire of volcanoes.


BERIAULT: Michel “Mitch” Beriault (Friend

MUNDELL: Col Hugh Mundell (Friend)

THOLEN: David J. Tholen American astronomer  at the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Hawaii, who specializes in planetary and solar system astronomy.


 DEIMOS Larger Moon of Mars

AMAGIRI: WW II Japanese destroyer, sank John F. Kennedy’s torpedo boat PT-109

 NEVSKI: Medieval Rus warrior Prince (1220  – 1263)

ZAVALA: Manuel Lorenzo Justiniano de Zavala  Mexican and Texan politician 1788 –1836)


PIAZZI: (Pro Mars) Giuseppe Piazzi  Italian priest mathematician, and astronomer (1746 – 1826)

REDEMPTION: (Pro Earth) Good name for a warship

JUSTICE: (Pro Earth) Good name for a warship


NUMA: Numa Pompilius  second king of Rome (753–673 BC; reigned 715–673 BC)

POMONA: Roman goddess of fruitful abundance. Child of Mars

VERTUMNUS:  Roman god of seasons, of change and plant growth. Child of Mars


CALLISTO: Moon of the planet Jupiter

CERNUNNOS: Celtic horned god of polytheism.

HAYYAN: Hayyan al-Qurtubi  Muslim historian (987–1075)

LEONIDAS : Spartan king Leonidas died Greece at theBattle of Thermopylae

LOVELL: James Arthur Lovell, Jr., NASA Commander of the Apollo 13 (1928-)

MAHABAD: Short-lived Kurdish republic 1945-46

ORION: Common name for SF spacecraft or spaceship

DEX ARIZONA: Named for alias of Graham Robertson (Friend)

DEX ATCAMA, DEX AUSTRALIA, DEX NOVA ZEMLYA, DEX PATAGONIA: Random geographical names for other DEX class ships.

I must get back…

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I must get back here soon

prologue *hint*

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   “That I don’t doubt, I think I can find my own way later”. Roselyn hissed back as she closed the office door and returned to work. “Men, different planet, same animal.” A smile crossed her face, but it was not one of amusement.


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Starting a series of prequels, to Prophets of Mars 6-8000 words maybe an odd 10K+ Short stand alone stories

DONE !!!!! Yippeeeee

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FINALLY FINISHED !!! Prophets of Mars. 156,935 words. On Kindle/Amazon and Smashwords by the weekend.