Teaser #1

Ti’anna Gelokova, cleared her throat and looked directly at Fa’Tan Lawyta, “If what you say in either scenario is true, the truth can never be revealed. As you said to what would happen, it would be devestating to everything we know. Civilization would collapse and anarchy would reign.”

 “A global civil war based on ethics and something greater than either religion or faith would rent and tear the planet. One faction of the planet would demand we leave space and return to Earth, another faction would demand we seek out more evidence and expand our exploitation of other worlds. Science would fight faith, religion would be at war with reason. Every member of humankind would be called upon to make a choice and there would be no middle ground. These facts must never be known and all evidence of these finding must be buried or destroyed. That is the only course of action which is acceptable.”

 Matinne Gou, slammed her fist on the table, “Yes!, this is madness, but it could open the minds of millions, but not at the cost of civilization, This knowlegde must be hidden.”


One Response to “Teaser #1”

  1. SireneB Says:

    waiting for more ….

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