Teaser #2 and #3


 Sandhu, was not typical of the higher echelon of the Company’s elite. Rather than being lucky by birth or strategically placed in a family of power or wealth, or even gifted with either genius or prowess, he possessed both character and will. He was born in a rural South Asian community, He fought for admission into the better schools and eventually graduated with degrees in both Historical Sociology and Information Management. Then without any reference or recommendation he applied to the the OCI sector. His innovative approaches for the applications of information theories caught the notice of his superiors and he rose through the ranks of the Company, building around him a loyal base of cadres, who trusted him without fault and who he knew he could rely upon.  

 Immediately upon being introduced to him, Ta’Fan Lawyta, knew he had a vital piece to help complete the greater plan of the Company, if and when the time arose. Lawyta, mentored and guided the final phases of Sandhu’s career, and place him at what may be one of the most critical phases of the Project.


So, when Aalern, said, “ Been there, done that”, about anything, he was one of a few people in the solar system that you could not argue that fact with.

With the demeanor of a gentleman doorman, he welcomed Vivan, and habitation technician Kingman D’Au into the gondola. “I hope you, enjoy your journey with us this evening and please mind the doors and keep you hands and any loose objects inside the car. We will be dropping at a constant rate after the initial acceleration, so please hang on and remember you are not allowed to take pictures. Thank you.

 The catch bracket released and the gondola began to descend. The 2100 meter journey took just over 12 minutes. Without any guide lights or any sound or vibration as the half centimenter carbon fibre monofilament wound out, the descent was almost like standing motionless in the dark. However, things changed abruptly, less that 100 meters from the base of the vent. The effect of the harsh white light from the mercury vapour lamps intestified and the multi coloured bands of black, brown and red rock layers flew past.


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